After over twenty years living abroad a 40-year-old writer returns to his family home in Israel
where he was raised and that he escaped – to face his brother who stayed instead, inherited their
family bakery and married the woman who they both loved.

The story corresponds to Esau’s tragic story in the Book of Genesis.

“My film is a story of great love, return and merciless time. It tells us that there are things in life
when time is not a great healer at all, and there are sorts of mistakes that simply shouldn’t be made.
It is an almost Biblical story that takes place nowadays full of love, hope and humor”.

Pavel Lungin

“All authors write about love and death, memory and longing, passion and loneliness.
“Esau” is the best I could tell about all that”.

Meir Shalev

“The conflicts and jealousies of loving that unfold in this story have the power of taking one’s breath away”

Harvey Keitel